Barcelona Benri-ya, S.L.

Our Services

  • General and specialist translations (Japanese <> Spanish <> Catalan)

We are experienced in a wide range of specialist fields, notably: legal and financial, engineering and industry, marketing and communications, environmental sciences, gastronomy and tourism.

  • Sworn translations (Japanese <> Spanish)

Sworn translations are normally required for official or court proceedings in which foreign documents are submitted to the public authorities. They must be performed by qualified translators (sworn translators), who certify that the translations are faithful to the original documents. They are valid for official use in Spain, which means that they do not need subsequent authentication.

  • Liaison interpreting (Japanese <> Spanish, Catalan)

Liaison interpreters act as an intermediary between people who speak different languages. Speakers pause frequently so that the interpreter can translate what they have just said. This kind of interpreting is normally used for business meetings, factory or company visits or training.

  • Sworn interpreting (Japanese <> Spanish)

This kind of interpretating is normally required for court appearances, deeds enacted in the presence of a notary, wedding ceremonies or any other kind of legal proceeding involving people who do not speak the official language in which it is being held. This service is provided by a qualified interpreter (sworn interpreter).

  • Language teaching (Spanish, Catalan and Japanese)

We provide one-on-one or small group classes. We try to ensure linguistic immersion, to allow students to develop real language skills as they acquire linguistic tools. We teach socio-cultural aspects to allow people of different nationalities and cultures to understand each other.

  • Other services

We provide a range of additional services that overcome the linguistic and cultural barriers that crop up in business and everyday life. We can perform research on your behalf and make personal arrangements. We can also organise trips and cultural events, etc.

We are available to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.